Helping Kids Settle into a New Neighborhood

With the right mindset, moving isn't a challenge, it's an adventure. When your kids move somewhere new, there are some major unknowns confronting them: a new home, new friends and a new school. Here are some tips to help you guide your children through this period of change.

  • Get settled at home: Make it a priority to get your child settled into their room so they can feel more comfortable with their surroundings and begin to adapt to the new place.
  • Establish routines: Routine is a very important part of children's lives. Immediately reestablish familiar family rituals, like having homemade pancakes on Saturday morning or whatever you enjoy doing together.
  • Join activities: Get your child involved with sports teams, clubs and school activities as soon as you can.
  • Make friends: Encourage your child to make new friends and invite them over. The neighborhood is a very good place to start. You might even consider throwing a housewarming party to meet other families in the neighborhood.
  • Keep in touch with old friends: Help the kids stay in touch with old friends by phone or email. You may want to get them their own stationery set and stamps so they can write letters.
  • Explore the new area: Becoming acquainted with the new area should be something you do with the entire family shortly after moving in. Finding a local pizza parlor will not only be a nice break from unpacking, but you also get to meet people in the community. Explore local sights, museums and recreation areas. Check the local paper for community activities.

Adjusting to a new environment brings a lot of unknowns into a child's life. Helping your kids settle into their new environment will be a blessing for everyone. And it only takes a little planning and guidance from you.