Feeling at Home in Temporary Housing

Temporary housing is sometimes offered in company relocation packages to help employees transfer to a new location. Living in temporary housing can be better than a hotel because it's almost like home. Often, all the basics are included, from pots and pans to towels and shampoo. You just bring yourself.

The price for temporary housing is actually cheaper than a hotel, on a per night basis, but there is usually a minimum stay of 30 days. The price includes cable TV, utilities and local phone service. Accommodations often come with options of one or two bedrooms and with or without housekeeping, just to name a few.

Among other things, living in temporary housing gives a person time to adjust to their new town and find a permanent home in a neighborhood that's right for them and their family. Without the pressure of having to sell their current home or move all their things, people are more relaxed.

Even though living in temporary housing isn't the same as being in your own home - with your own bed, furniture and favorite things - there are some ways to make it feel more personal.

  • Photos: Bring framed pictures of your family and friends to put around in different rooms.
  • Treasures: Bring some treasured items, maybe a painting or a vase.
  • Comforts: If possible, bring in a favorite lounge chair, blanket or something comforting.
  • Entertainment: Don't forget your stereo and CD player or favorite video game console for additional entertainment.
  • New things: Buy a few things that reflect your style and that can eventually be put in your new home.
  • Home cooking: Since you'll have a kitchen available, cook some familiar food – there’s nothing quite like home cooking. Tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches or fresh baked cookies can do wonders for the soul. Going out to restaurants all the time can disrupt your sense of routine and keep you from feeling at home.
  • Family traditions: If your family is with you, continue favorite family traditions like movie nights or walks in the park.

Even though temporary housing isn't quite home, it can become a cozy vacation from the usual.