Additional Moving Costs – What You May Not Have Considered

Some areas of the country are so different in terms of climate and city or urban life you might need to consider this list of "additional costs" you might incur when moving to a new environment. For example, someone moving from Phoenix to New York will probably have to expand their winter closet to include a wool jacket, long underwear and boots, or they may have to spend extra money for parking their vehicle. However, they will no longer have to worry about buying the chemicals needed for upkeep of their swimming pool or changing car batteries every two years.

With this in mind, consider the following expenses which may impact the cost of your move:

  • income taxes: state and local
  • school tax
  • property tax
  • home insurance: do you need for flood, hurricane, or other coverage?
  • car insurance rates
  • car registration fees
  • heating/cooling costs: depending on average temperatures
  • pool care costs
  • yard care costs
  • home maintenance: e.g., in hot, dry climates roofs need more frequent replacement; in cold, wet climates insulation is more of a consideration
  • vehicle wear and tear due to excessive temperatures or moisture or salt on roads
  • clothing: the types you will need depending on average temperatures, standard business attire or local style?
  • transportation: is there public transportation availability and what are the costs, do you need a vehicle?
  • climate equipment like snow tires, snow blower, etc.
  • travel back to previous residence city to visit family or take care of other matters
  • phone bills could be higher due to keeping in touch with family, friends or handling business matters
  • daycare costs could be higher or lower than what you're used to
  • private school: you may choose a different type of school depending on the quality of schools in your old/new residence